Инструкция на английском - но все понятно

User You Have to do is:
  • Flash ENG Root and read *.ASK file from Latest software.
    • To Read *.ASK file from G95x,N950x, such phones which do not have root
      • Reflash stock Firmware & then flash "Sprint Unlock Firmware" (which can be download from support area) & read *.ASK file & then Reflash stock Frimware wait for *.RPL from your Reseller. once you get your *.RPL write in while phone have stock firmware.
    • To Read *.ASK file from J327,J727
      • Reflash stock Firmware after that reflash combination WITHOUT SYSTEM.IMG to read *.ASK
  • Send that *.ASK file to your Reseller.
  • ASK2RPL Calculation could be Instant to 24 hours (Monday to Friday)
  • After you got your RPL, Write it back to phone.
  • After Write RPL, your phone will be unlocked. (Hardreset may need in some cases)
  • Unlock App will not Disappear
  • Unlock Will be Permanent & Phone will not Relock
  • *.RPL can be used only on phone which its readed.. life time
  • *.ASK read or *.RPL write do not touch imei,qcn,network etc.. if your phone have any issue make sure you verify before read ASK/RPL.. with *#0011# MIPI should not be FAIL and IMEICERT should not FAIL
Read Ask file with GC Pro:


Write RPL file with GC Pro:

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