Frequently Asked Questions

Octoplus Samsung credit consumption always check here! 

Octoplus LG credit consumption always check here! 

Press  Lost Password

Input your  username

Check email

If all other way is fault - try connect Huawei in fastboot mode to Multi-Tool or Hcu-client

1. Send command  ( Fastboot mode) : fastboot getvar all 

2. On locked phone press answer and in new window write findphone123


How to order Imei service - video

How to Activate Any Octoplus activation - video 

1. Download latest software. Install. Run. 

2. In Octoplus card Updater tool input our string. Update.


How to Activate:

  1. Click on the "SigmaKey" tab.
  2. Enter the received code into the "Activation Code" field (as shown on the picture below).
  3. Click on the "Activate Pack" button.

Enter Activation Code

Samkey CodeReader credit consumption always check here! 

Samkey TMO credit consumption always check here!

How to check #vivo models on lock mode tutorials!

Check here

Enter Lock Number or IMEI and see



How to add to visa card via Sberbank app - video