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Price: S 60

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Q -  Is this a 1 year actiavtion? 
A -  Yes, this is 1 year actuvation, after 1 year you need to renew it.

Q - Can I use it on multiple PCs ? 
A - No. This activation is HW ID based, you'll need to change HW ID to be able to use it on another PC.

Q - How can I change PC HW ID ? 
A - You can request it from your local reseller or follow GUIDE - How to Change Tool ID yourself.

Q - How much time does it take to activate after I bought the activation?
A - This depends on your reseller, but it should not usually take more than 24 hours during working days.

Q - Can I get beta or demo version of this product? 
A - No, currently we are not planning to release beta or demo versions.

Q - Can I get any refund in case if I face repeated errors while using this tool?  
A - No. If you have faced any errors, you need to contact our team and we will help you.

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