Delivery Time: instant - 3 working hours

Price: S 1

Supported models:
MegaFon MR150-5 (ZTE MF920), MTS and Beeline 835F ZTE MF920
Supports IMEI starting with 86xxx.


Working just a few hours from 9:00 to 18:00 Moscow time. After this time, and on Sunday the code can handle a little longer, but the code will be assured.

Unlock procedure:
Insert the SIM card "foreign" operator and activate 4G Wi-Fi Router.
After switching on the log on the Web at the address modem interface
If you are prompted login / password for the default admin / admin.
On the query "Enter Network Unlock Code" enter NCK code obtained.
After completing the above steps your router is enabled, which will allow to use it with any operator in the world.

IMEI can be found on the cover under the battery, or enter the Web interface of the router in the "Device Information"

DO NOT ORDER CODE IF LEFT router attempts to enter.
DO NOT ORDER CODE If something is not clear in paragraph unlock procedure!
ERROR in the selection model ERROR When entering IMEI, or you no longer attempts to enter CODE - services considered to be satisfied by 100% REFUND IN SUCH CASES THERE IS NOT !!!