Delivery Time: 1-48 working hours

Price: S 5

Brute-force Rules

supported files any box : *.bcl, *.log,*.sha.

20 digits NCK  not supported, please check info with ATF box or Best dongle
If you submit wrong / Bad  file we can't refund it

 SUBMIT ONLY        .bcl  OR .log   OR .sha

Also, do not upload to calculation logs from phone operator Mexico-Telcel
PROFILE_BITS: B000000000000000
BLOCK1: 1 = CLOSED (MCCMNC), DATA = 334020 [Mexico-Telcel]

 Please, make sure your phone does not have 20 digit NCK code! Or Bad File

We will not be able to refund not found 20-digit NCK calculations or wrong hashes/Bad File!