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Mac bypass Tutorial

1- Download checkra1n and place on desktop
2- open terminal:
sudo /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
sudo easy_install pip
sudo brew install libimobiledevice
sudo pip install pyusb
(If cant run with root privilege delete sudo)
3- put device on DFU mode (check picture)
4-run checkrain like this
./checkra1n -c -v -E
after its boots wait 20 seconds
then run checkra1n again like this
./checkra1n -c -v -E
It will say Waiting for DFU devices, just wait. After it finds the device it will install boot strap args. It might up to 2 minutes until if finds the device.
5- Use iOpen-T2 app now with 1 click on bypass ( if app not opens run on terminal : xattr -cr drag and drop app and press enter after that reopen app)
Download link :  iOpen-T2
6- After bypass done
connect to wifi, it will load internet recovery
in recovery click on disk util, click on SSD, erase,
then close disk Util, and click on reinstall MacOS
do not restart the computer until reinstall MacOS finish.

Enjoy T2 bypass app exclusively with free rebypass if get locked again!