Delivery Time: instant - 1 working hours

Price: S 5

The unlock code (NCK code) allows you to unlock the BEALINE FAST HD phone to work with SIM cards of any other operators.

******************BEFORE THE PURCHASE********************
1. Make sure you really have BEALINE FAST HD.
2. Prepare the IMEI-phone number. IMEI can be viewed by typing a 15-digit line on the phone * # 06 #, this is the necessary IMEI code. Write it correctly, with no omission.
3. Make sure that the phone has code entry attempts.

**************** PROCEDURE FOR RECEIVING THE UNLOCKING CODE ****************
After payment of the goods, it is necessary to fill out the form, specifying in it the following information:
1. IMEI phone (no errors);
Once again, carefully and without errors fill out the form and press the "Send" button.

**************** TERM OF RECEIVING CODE 5 minutes min - 6 slave hours. *********************
Work hours are from 9-00 to 18-00 Moscow time. After this time and on Sunday the code MAY be processed a little longer, but the code will be, be sure.
The unlock code (NCK) will be sent to e-mail.

1. After receiving the NCK unlock code, insert a SIM card of another operator (Not Beeline) for example MTS, Megaphone, Tele2 or another operator. (If the PIN on the SIM card is enabled, enter it.)
2. The window ("Enter NCK code") will appear and enter the received NCK code.
3. Confirm the input.
4. Congratulations! The phone was successfully unlocked.

Before making a purchase, it is highly recommended to check if the phone asks for the unlock code when the SIM card of another operator is installed in it (NOT BEAL).
When making a purchase, you agree that the model of your phone BEALINE FAST HD, as well as attempts to enter the unlock code is not used up to zero.
If after the purchase of the code it turns out that attempts to enter the unlock code did not stop, you made a mistake in the model or when entering IMEI - funds are not refundable!
Code availability is guaranteed on the "factory" firmware.